We have compiled a checklist here that you can use to check whether you can successfully enter YuLinc. In addition to the checklist, this overview also includes points that can lead to problems in some cases (these are summarised at the end).

system check

Here you can check whether you can participate in a YuLinc session:

If you receive an error message here, please contact our support team directly: + 49 6172 4526033 / support@netucate.com

Entering a YuLinc test room

You are welcome to use our YuLinc test room. Here you can try out your audio and video functions and meet up with colleagues for a sound check:

In the YuLinc room


As a rule, participants do not yet have an active microphone and webcam when they enter a YuLinc session. The functionality can still be checked:

Via the gear wheel you can test your microphone & webcam (even if you do not have transmission rights):


You can select or change the loudspeaker (or headphones) and your microphone.
If a microphone is connected, you can check its function directly by displaying the level (speak briefly into your microphone).

Webcam / Video

If the “virtual background” tab is available, you can view a transmission of your video signal:


When you enter YuLinc, you can check your settings via the start window, adjust them if necessary and test them:

If the video is transmitted and you can see a change in the level of your microphone (please speak as a test), the webcam and your microphone are working (adjust if necessary).

Via Audio Test you can select both your microphone and your speakers/headset (audio output devices) and test them directly:

The devices (microphone and output devices) are selected by clicking on the selection arrow.

IIf a microphone is connected, the volume is displayed directly via a level. If you click on Microphone test your microphone is recorded for 5 seconds and then played back directly. You will hear the recording via your selected output device.

With Audio output device test a sound sequence is played that you can hear directly.

Here is a summary of points that can cause problems:

I cannot be heard in YuLinc (my microphone & webcam are not working)

Another application (e.g. MS Teams, Zoom, Unity telephone systems) may be blocking access to your microphone. Please close the respective software.
Even if you have supposedly closed MS Teams, for example, the programme is not closed and continues to block access to your audio and video devices.
You will usually find the application in your start bar. Right-click on the application and close it.Meine Verbindung ist nicht optimal

My connection is not optimal

If possible, use a LAN connection, WLAN may cause radio dropouts that are not noticeable during normal surfing, but may be noticeable in the virtual room.

I work via a Citrix environment

Use YuLinc outside of Citrix. Please contact your IT department in good time. They can contact our support team directly if they have any questions: +49 6172 4526033 / support@netucate.com

If possible, use Google Chrome. Browsers such as Firefox, Edge Chromium, Opera and Safari can of course also be used. There are some restrictions with Safari: the virtual background cannot be used and only the entire screen can be shared.

Browsers with many plugins can cause problems, use a browser without such plugins.

Deleting the cache and cookies can also help with problems.

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